A well planned site investigation is the key to fully understanding the intricacies of the ground conditions at a site and to identifying the nature and extent of contaminants and their interaction with the environment. Our services have been developed to deliver consistent technical data to meet a wide range of objectives.

We are able to offer the following investigative and monitoring services:-

  • Pre-investigative assessments using desk-based research to evaluate and design the most cost-effective approach to the investigation.
  • Targeted site investigation programmes with clear objectives.
  • Machine excavated trial pits, hand dug trial pits, foundation excavations and hand auger bores
  • Deep driling using cable percussive, rotary, continuous flight auger drilling and window sampling drilling rigs.
  • Ground-gas monitoring using soil vapour probes, and PID gas analysers.
  • Onsite / Rapid Chemical Analysis of metal and organic compounds.
  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling using in situ and ex situ sampling techniques.
  • Sampling of soils, groundwater and suspect materials to strict sampling guidelines to preserve integrity and use of a “chain of custody” sample handling system.
  • Preparation of factual and interpretative environmental reports.

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