Topographical Surveying

The level of detail surveyed varies depending on the client’s specification. This can range from a basic boundary & level survey (to give the basic “lie-of-the land” – very often used for initial feasibility studies), to fully detailed topographical surveys which includes all significant visible above ground features.

The principle we follow is to carry out thorough accurate coding on site, to minimise later editing required in the office. So every point surveyed is assigned a feature code that determines the type of detail required during the drafting process.

If surveys are related to  Ordnance Survey National Grid co-ordinates, they can be added to Ordnance Survey digital background mapping as composite drawings, if required; which shows further surrounding detail. 

We can provide the survey data as 2D contoured plans, and also as 3D computer digital terrain models (DTMs). With the inclusion of proposed design information from the client, volumes of site material can be calculated, and also rendered site visualisation exercises can be carried out.

Survey drawings can be provided as traditional plotted plans or electronically in a variety of software formats, including:

  • AutoCAD DWG & DXF
  • Microstation
  • Moss / MX Site
  • Vectorworks

Our aim is to provide you with a quality drawing in the correct format that you can work with straightaway.

Engineering Surveying

With a strong background in Civil Engineering Surveying we are experienced in providing accurate and task specific data to support the engineering and design of projects from their inception through to completion.