Remediation of brownfield land adds to its value and reduces environmental liabilities. Site Remedial Services Limited is the partner you can trust to realise these objectives, no matter how contaminated the ground conditions may be.

Incorporated in 2006, we exist to provide specialist technical advice and design of a number of remediation techniques. Our technical capabilities include site investigation for environmental assessment, generic and detailed quantitative risk assessment and design of remediation strategies. For geotechnical site investigation and recommendations for foundation design, our sister company Site Analytical Services Limited has proven technical capabilities. We believe it is essential that the remediation solutions we design are based on informed decision-making and are in-line with the most up to date legislative requirements.

As your specialist remediation consultant, Site Remedial Services Limited will provide you with advice you can depend on and offer you best value remedial strategies for your land. We will work closely in partnership with you  to tailor the optimum solution for your needs and meet all regulatory, environmental and commercial legal requirements for your site, from design through to validation.